About Me

About Me in Fantage

I first started playing Fantage on July 13, 2010. =) I’m a level 100+ nonmember!:mrgreen: I always (well most of the time) update my level on my sidebar, so check there!

Here’s a pic of my old IDFone and sticker page!😀

I don’t like it when someone gives you stickers when you already have 10, so your stickers get deleted to make room. I lost one of my favorite stickers because of that.👿

Snacky Time

If anyone has this sticker and doesn’t want it, feel free to comment below!😀

Lol, that was super off topic. Moving on…

Here’s a pic of my new IDFone:

New IDFone

About Me in Real Life (I’ll be really general since yunno, the Internet is where the creepers be creepin’. )

I was born on May 18, and I’m 1- 2,254 years old.:mrgreen:

Here’s a pic of where I live!😛

I’m usually a straight A student, maybe with an occasional 89% in P.E. or math, so yeah. I play flute in my school band, but I’m last chair, lol. My favorite subject changes all the time, usually depending on if I have a lot of homework/projects or a presentation coming up. My least favorite subject is P.E. since I’m hideously uncoordinated. I like, trip over my own feet. I’m sort of ish flexible though.:mrgreen:


I’ll update this later.:mrgreen:


73 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i know this isnt a good page to say this, buuuuuttttttt,
    You’re epic at edits ;D
    maybeh u should make a page with all ur edits, unless u have an i’ve overlooked it. im doing an edit page too, but my edits arent as good as yours (;

    • Actually It is possible to live in the milky way. You are right now. The solar system is in the milky way and Earth is in the solar system. xD

  2. I have a question….O.o I been playing before you on June 10th,2010 and I\’m only on level 53. How did u level up so fast?!

  3. Mind if i ask were u a member before i wasn’t and ive been playing playing since January last year so im curious if u weren’t a mem how u leveled up high im only level 75

  4. I don’t know if i’m commenting on the right section, but thanks for posting where the light torches are! I googled it, and i found this AMAZING BLOG/GUIDE! You saved me a lot of time! Anyways thanks so much!!

  5. Hi cphan3! Iv’e already emailed u twice before, asking for a buddy request and u haven’t
    replied yet. I really wanna meet you on fantage.

  6. Hey Cphan!
    I rarely visit other blogs , idk why though. Your blog is kinda the first blog I’ve been on for more than 30 MINUTES. I’m just looking around at your pages and they ARE an amazing work : D ‘gratz on having THIS awesome blog! IDK why I’m commenting this but I’ve started to like your blog now ♥ Really fun to view ♥
    Wanna add me on Fantage someday?
    ~ Fruit99Punch ~

  7. Hey,I love things about you!:) Yay you like pokemon!! I love that too!!! And I hate homework + that membership thing!And wow,You live in milky way galaxy!!!! lol! I love this blog! This blog is now on my top 2 MOST favourite blog!!!:)
    Thanks for reading!
    Candy MonStarLight

  8. I saw what you said about my blog. it is fine. I was hoping you could be a worker on my blog. Please it needs way more work. How do you find my blog anyway?

  9. Just by looking at your likes…. You are totally not a girly girl lol (btw I got a new 3DS so it had kingdom heartz dream drop distance in 3D, I love that game just like you hehe)

  10. !!! You literally could be my twin! I love K-POP, Korean Dramas, Fantage, Skittles, tofu, pasta, getting A+s xD, cats😀, strawberries, and etc. The only thing that’s different between us is that I don’t really like 1-Direction. Sorry for those people who like 1-D!

  11. I’m on level 220 and I have never been a member! And I only started on January 2013 and now is 2014 so I have been playing about a year. Is that good? Also if you are wondering how I leveled up so fast then here are the 5 main ways I did it!

    1. Catch seahorses! I level up 50/60 levels within an hour! xD
    2. Work at Chez Fantage! Everytime you serve someone then you level up!
    3. Do fashion shows!
    4. Pick up pet treats!
    5. Level up your farm and you will level up 10 extra levels!

    Hope this helped,
    Enjoy, Paige

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