Buy eggs at the Pet Shop in Pet Town to hatch all of the Fantage pets!😀

Here are all the pet families along with some info about them from the Pet Story Book and their setting combinations!:mrgreen:

(Credits to for the combinations!)

The Pebbles

“Meet the Pebbles! Officer Russell has been so busy trying to catch those pesky ninjas that he has failed to notice Fantage is filling up with Pebbles! These guys tend to be super shy and do not like to go outside!”

You’ll need a Starter Egg in order to get one them.😛


Mumbo ~ Low Light + Medium Temperature

Jimbo ~ High Light + Medium Temperature

Weebo ~ Medium Light + Warm Temperature

Tombo ~ Low Light + Cool Temperature

Rumbo ~ High Light + Cool Temperature

The Cosmos

“Meet the Cosmos! The Cosmos were originally sent by Dr. Finkelstein to seek revenge on Fantage… But, instead, they fell in love with the place and decided to stay! Cosmos are always bright and happy!”

You’ll need a Sunshine Egg in order to get one of them.😉


Rocki ~ Low Light + Warm Temperature

Poofi ~ Medium Light + Warm Temperature

Sparkli ~ Medium Light + Medium Temperature

Charmi ~ Low Light + Cool Temperature

Beami ~ Highest Light + Medium Temperature

The Fairies

“Meet the Fairies! These winged animals used to help Orion by going out and gathering his magical ingredients. Now, Orion has set them free for doing such great work! These flying critters are always friendlyenergetic, and helpful!”

You’ll need an Orange Star Egg in order to get one of them.:)


Mylo ~ Low Light + Medium Temperature

Shylo ~ Highest Light + Cool Temperature

Lolo ~ Highest Light + Warm Temperature

Ceelo ~ Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Halo ~ High Light + Warm Temperature

The Dinos

“Meet the Dinos! These guys came from a really cold climate where they would hide from the harsh weather inside their shells. When they arrived in Fantage, they cracked open their shells! They tend to be a bit shy, but very curious!”

You’ll need a Spotted Egg in order to get one of them. ^.^


Bubu ~ Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Chloe ~ Low Light + Cool Temperature

Tootsie ~ Medium Light + Medium Temperature

Bella ~ High Light + Warm Temperature

Bello ~ Lowest Light + Warm Temperature

The Firepuffs

“Meet the Firepuffs! These puffy balls o’ fire used to be friendly, but ever since a gnome cast a spell on them, they became little tricksters! They love to cause trouble and help Gnome with his tricky business!”

You’ll need a Fiery Orange Egg in order to get one of them. =)


Scruffie ~ High Light + Cool Temperature

Punkie ~ Highest Light + Medium Temperature

Fluffie ~ Lowest Light + Medium Temperature

Pixie ~ High Light + Warm Temperature

Ashie ~ Low Light + Warm Temperature

The Cuddlies

“Meet the Cuddlies! The Cuddlies have been winning their way into people’s hearts ever since they arrived in Fantage. These little critters are huggablesnuggable, and always lovable! Some are feisty, some are calm, but they are all eager to meet you!”

You’l need an Olive Egg in order to get one of them.😛


Zumi ~ Lowest Light + Warm Temperature

Feebi ~ High Light + Medium Temperature

Kiki ~ High Light + Warm Temperature

Leefi ~ Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Elli ~ Lowest Light + Cold Temperature

The Jellies

“Meet the Jellies! The Jellies were brought here by the owner of the Star Cafe for use in her famous jelly donuts. Instead, she fell in love with these silly blobs and set them free! These guys love to wiggle their way out of tricky situations and are always fun-loving and cheerful!”

You’ll need a Cloudy Skies Egg to get one of them.😉


Jigglie ~ Highest Light + Medium Temperature

Bloopie ~ Low Light + Medium Temperature

Razzle ~ High Light + Warm Temperature

Peachfuzz ~ Low Light + Warm Temperature

Goober ~ Low Light + Cold Temp.

The Aeropuffs

“Meet the Aeropuffs! The Aeropuffs came to Fantage by using their ultra-savvy copter technology. They flew into Fantage because they heard that our skies are the brightest and sunniest in all the world. These fellas are lightmellow, and keep high spirits.”

You’ll need a Purple Madness Egg in order to get one of them.:)


Nana ~ Lowest Light + Cool Temperature

Spinner ~ Highest Light + Cool Temperature

Flora ~ Medium Light + Medium Temperature

Turnip ~ High Light + Cold Temperature

Monko ~ Lowest Light + Warm Temperature

The Barnacles

“Meet the Barnicles! The Barnicles are sea creatures that came to Fantage to check out our world-famous Beach! They love hanging out in the saltiest blue ocean waters and what better place to do so than the Fantage Beach? These guys are pretty goofymischievous, and quirky!”

You’ll need a Red Ribbon Egg in order to get one of them.😉


Zuzu ~ Highest Light + Warm Temperature

Jombu ~ Low Light + Hot Temperature

Miku ~ Lowest Light + Cool Temperature

Chibu ~ Highest Light + Cold Temperature

Karu ~ Highest Light + Hot Temperature

The Feathers

“Meet the Feathers! The Feathers Family is made up of some interesting little birdies who are anything, but ordinary! These flying creatures flew into Fantage aboard a strange visitor’s UFO which is why they are uniquekooky, and a little offbeat!”

You’ll need a Secret Lock Egg to get one of them.😀


Minty ~ Lowest Light + Medium Temperature

Rakoon ~ Low Light + Warm Temperature

Lovely ~ Low Light + Cold Temperature

Puffy ~ Medium Light + Hot Temperature

Snowball ~ High Light + Cool Temperature

The Frosties


“Meet the Frosties! The Frosties are a bunch of chilly little munchkins who came from a cold, distant land and settled on Mt. Fantage. They are blue and icy on the outside, but warm and generous on the inside!”

You’ll need a Frosty Egg in order to get one of them. =)


Shivers ~  Medium Light + Warm Temperature

Gilbert ~  Medium Light + Cold Temperature

Wally ~  Highest Light + Hot Temperature

Twinkle ~ Low light + Cool Temperature

Beeker ~  Lowest Light + Hot Temperature

The Ribbons


“Meet the Ribbons! The Ribbons are a crew of technologically advanced munchkins that have ribbons for legs and arms! They are witty and tend to crack oddball jokes. These guys will keep you laughing all day long!”

You’ll need a Pointy Ribbon Egg in order to get one of them.😛


Pogo ~ Low Light + Medium Temperature

Bobo ~ Low Light + Cold Temperature

Yoyo ~ Lowest Light + Warm Temperature

Robo ~ Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Jojo ~  Low Light + Hot Temperature

The Holiday Pets

Holiday Family

Fantage sold their eggs during holiday parties/events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and the Pet Playtime Event.:mrgreen:

Here are their benefits:


Tom Tom ~ Low Light + Medium Temperature

Blizzy ~ Medium Light + Cool Temperature

Springy ~ High Light + Warm Temperature

Cotton ~ Low Light + Warm Temperature

Rosie ~ Medium Light + Warm Temperature

Hatch an entire family to get a trophy!😀


32 thoughts on “Pets

  1. “Meet the Cosmos! The Cosmos were originally sent by Dr. Finkelstein to seek revenge on Fantage… But, instead, they fell in love with the place and decided to stay! Cosmos are always bright and happy!”
    So Finkelstein Sent a ROCK,a star, a rainbow, a sun and a CLOUD to seek revenge on Fantage?!!??!

  2. I have a question. People ask you if you are a member right? But you are a non member. Then how do you have the pets? You can only get the pebbles if non member. Anyway. The question.if you are a non member can you get more than two pets? Please reply.

  3. wow hey Cphan3 can we meet on Fantage? My username on Fantage is Birdsrocks and on 5/29/2013 5:40 im going to get on Jade Duck so look for me at that server please reply!

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